The Peacock’s Feather

Gentlemen’s Jewelry of Old Japan Author: Joseph Kurstin, Gilles LorinPhotography: Gilles Lorin24 x 31cm, 132 pages, hard cover, text in English, 2007. ISBN 1-58886-093-0 Drawing from numerous individual collections, this catalog was published to coincide with the exhibition of netsuke, inro and sagemono at the Morikami Museum in conjunction with the 2007 International Netuske Society Convention. […]

Chinese Qing Dynasty Glass Treasures

A Selection from the Gadient Collection, volume 2 & 3 Publisher: AsiantiquesAuthors: François Lorin, Gilles Lorin, with an essays by Humphrey K.F. Hui and Emily Byrne Curtis, and foreword by Brian A. Dursum.Photography: Gilles Lorin8.5 x 11″, 64 pages, hard cover, illustrated in color, text in English with Chinese captions. 2009 & 2011. ISBN: 978-1-58886-112-2

Netsuke Opus 20

Netsuke Opus 20: 20eme Symphonie en Netsuke Majeurs Publisher: Yabane CO LTDAuthors: Yukari Yoshida & Gabor WilhelmPhotography (primary): Gilles Lorin12 x 8.6″, 168 pages, hard cover, illustrated in color, text in English, Japanese and Russian. 2011 ISBN: 978-4-99006-598-0 Sagemonoya’s special 20th anniversary catalogue includes color pictures of 129 Netsuke by noted artists such as Kyoto Masanao, […]

The Splendour of Jade

The Songzhutang Collection of Jade韫玉生辉: 松竹堂珍藏玉器 Author: Thomas T. FokProduction & design: CA Design, Hong KongPhotography: Gilles Lorin10 x 12.75”, 207 pages, hard cover, illustrated in color, text in Chinese and English, 2011. ISBN 978-9-62750-278-4 This volume presents over 160 pieces of jade spanning from the Neolithic period to the late Qing.

Lectures at Osaka University of Arts

Author: H.I.H. Princess Hisako of TakamadoContributing photographer: Gilles LorinPublisher: Osaka University of ArtsSize: 22 cm × 31 cm, 127 pages with color illustrations, text in Japanese, hard cover in perfect binding, France, 2013-2016. ISBN: 978-4-9901674-2-4 Princess Takamado discusses and gives insights into a wide range of topics with many examples: the Japanese unique culture of […]

An Addicted Dedication

Chinese Snuff Bottles from the Christopher Sin Collection Author: Humphrey K.F. HuiPublisher / Production & Design: CA Design, Hong KongPhotography: Gilles Lorin24 x 31 cm, 2 Volumes hardcover, 616 pages, dust jacket with cloth bound slipcase, Hong Kong, 2013. ISBN: 978-962-7502-96-8

Painted Ceramics

Contemporary Treasures by Jingdezhen’s National Masters from the Lamda Foundation University Museum and Art Gallery, The University of Hong KongCurators: Dr. Wong Kai Tat & Dr. Florian KnothePhotography: Gilles LorinSize: 31×22.5cm, 88 pages with color illustrations, hard cover, text in Chinese and English, Hong Kong, 2016. ISBN: 978-988-19023-7-5.

Dialogue with The Ancients

Dialogue with The Ancients, 100 Bronzes of the Shang, Zhou, and Han Dynasty : The Shen Zai Collection Editor: Patrick KwokAuthors: Tianlong Jiao, Wang Tao, Eugene Y. Wang, Li Feng, Allison R. Miller, and Sarah WangProduction & design: CA Design, Hong KongPhotography: Gilles LorinSize: 24.5 cm X 33.5 cm, 422 pages with color illustrations, text […]

Paris, La Quintessence du Meuble au XIXe Siècle

Author: Christopher PayneProduction & Design: Lucile LasseurContributing photographer (including cover): Gilles LorinEditions Monelle HayotSize: 24,6 cm × 28,6 cm × 5,5 cm, 600 pages with color illustrations, text in English, hard cover in perfect binding, Château de Saint-Rémy-en-l’Eau, Oise, France, 2018. ISBN: 978-2-903824-92-1